How do I dial an international phone number on a Globalstar phone?
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Use the “+” Dialing Standard
Dial “+”, followed by the Country_Code, followed by the rest of the phone number

Globalstar complies with the “+” Dialing Standard for dialing phone numbers. These dialing instructions and other usage tips are provided in the equipment users manual which is supplied with each Globalstar phone. Following are some simple instructions.

 To dial an international phone number from a Globalstar handheld phone (GSP-1700, GSP-1600, Telit SAT550, Ericsson R290), press and hold the “0” (ZERO) key. At first, the digit ZERO will be displayed, and this will then change to the “+” symbol. Once the “+” is displayed, enter the country code and the phone number of the phone that you are trying to reach.

 All Globalstar Gateways have been configured to properly detect and interpret the “+” prefix. When a phone number is preceded by “+”, the gateway automatically analyzes the phone number and, if necessary, either translates the “+Country_Code” to the correct dialing sequence or it strips off the “+Country_Code” characters if international dialing is not required for reaching the destination phone number. The “+” dialing feature works worldwide, regardless of the type of Globalstar phone you are using.


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