Service Commitment


Customer service is important to our overall approach to provide customers with exceptional products and services. From our Globalstar Authorized dealers to our day to day Customer Care operations, Globalstar is committed to consistently offering continued support to your business communications needs.

Please contact us if you would like to add on to your existing service or if you have any questions about how Globalstar services can benefit you or your company. Our Customer Care Representatives are available Monday to Friday: 8am -midnight (EST) and Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 8pm (EST). Dial 1-877-452-5782 from any landline or your satellite phone, or *611 while in satellite mode from your Globalstar phone.

Alternatively, you can contact Globalstar Customer Care through our Customer Care Form or by email

While roaming outside of North America with your Globalstar phone, please call 905-712-7196 to have any questions or concerns addressed.